Do you use Affiliate links?

Yes, I am a member of RewardStyle which is a platform that allows content creators like myself monetize our passion by including affiliate links in our posts. If you are not familiar, affiliate links do not effect the consumer at all. It is simply a link that takes you to the same retailers you'd buy from anyway, but because the link was clicked on from my blog (or YouTube channel), I receive a small commission on your purchase. You pay the same price regardless. Please know you support my efforts by reading my blog, or watching my videos, and if you choose to use the links I provide to shop- I appreciate that. But if you choose not to, I still appreciate your support in being here! xoxo

Why the name Made up mom?

Good question. When I started creating content, I used the name "makeup fan" thinking 100% of my content would be centered on makeup. As I got going I switched my YouTube Channel to my name, Lisa J. After being on YouTube and starting to connect with the amazing community I have found there, I discovered I wanted to put out more about myself and my life than just makeup tutorials. Being a mom, is a huge part of my identity. As this blog evolves, I plan to share more about motherhood, products I love for my children and my family and overall just share with other moms (or non-moms) who can relate to me in some way. I also surprisingly struggle with self promotion, and naming this website my name just felt weird. 

How old are you?

I am 34 years old today (DOB 01/03/1983)


How many kids do you have?

I have 2 girls. 

Do you do sponsored videos?

Yes and no. I have done 1 sponsored video on YouTube as of today (3/13/17). It was early into my time on YouTube and I was so excited that a brand wanted to partner with me. I learned a lot from that experience. Luckily, I received the product and really did like it. It did give me results that I felt comfortable sharing with my audience. Since then, I have not done a sponsored video. I do receive products from brands to try and I only share my honest thoughts on the products. I do not commit to reviewing, recommending or even showing a product that is sent to me in my videos. Sponsored opportunities tend to come with a lot of strings attached. "Say this, do that, make sure you show the product like this..." I'm not really comfortable turning my channel or my blog into an advertisement for anyone. Its important to me my content always remain authentic and me. If a brand I love, wants to partner with me and allows me to have creative control- I would certainly consider it. I will ALWAYS state if a post or video is sponsored though. 

What else do you do?

I kind of feel like I do A LOT these days. I've always been someone who is juggling a lot of balls. I slowed down when I had kids but more recently I'm finding the "old me" is resurfacing now that my kids are not tiny babies (they are still little though). I work 3 days a week in a sales role, I'm also a Rodan+Fields Consultant, I am a semi working makeup artist (I try and keep it semi- and only take one 2-3 weddings a month...for now), I am a contributing author to Austin Moms Blog,  I'm kind of thinking I want to learn how to make jewelry...OH!  and I still have a dream of a becoming a fitness instructor. But that's it... for now.