My Favorite Colleen Rothschild Skincare

This post is Sponsored by Colleen Rothschild, all opinions shared are my own

This post is Sponsored by Colleen Rothschild, all opinions shared are my own

Breaking News Alert!!!!  Did you hear!? Colleen Rothschild is having one of their best sales of the year! What makes their Reap Your Rewards Sale one of their best, is the fact that it applies to the ENITRE product line! The more you spend, the more you save. Save $25 on orders of $100, $50 on orders of $200 and save $75 on orders of $300! I’m making it easy for you, by sharing some of my favorite products from the complete line along with some new products I am excited to try!

Let’s start with her Radiant Cleansing Balm. This product is without a doubt one of my top 3 favorite cleanser of all time. Its is exceptional at melting off makeup, and leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Not striped or dry. It also smells like a spa, so it starts your PM skincare routine feeling like a treat. I use to dread removing my makeup every night, but this product makes It more enjoyable. Apply it on dry hands and on dry skin, massage it into the face and gently on lashes, then take a wet warm muslin cloth (included) and remove your makeup.

The Face Oil No9 is my FAVORITE Face Oil of all time. It is the perfect consistency in a facial oil. Not too thick or sticky, not too light or dry. It is moisturizing enough to work as my only PM moisturizer and I wake up to glowing skin. It apply it under the eyes sometimes before concealer if I am working with a full coverage, drier concealer to give the under eyes some hydration and plump fine lines. This product is pure luxury.

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The Matcha Tea Treatment Toner is a product I need to reintroduce into my daily routine. Its benefits include pore appearance reduction, breakouts and reduce redness in the skin. I’ve been noticing larger pore size and texture in my cheeks that is increasingly noticeable with certain makeup products, and I when I’ve used toners in the past on a consistent basis, I remember have pore reduction.

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The Complete Eye Cream has been in my routine for the last year and I love this eye cream because its rich enough for my PM routine, but absorbs quickly into the skin allowing you to apply makeup shortly after for morning routines too. This product, the cleansing balm and the face oil are the 3 most restocked for me and some of the brands best sellers. They are all great products to start with if you are new to the brand.


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I also use and love 2 of Colleen Rothschild’s Moisturizers that cover the range from weightless to rich. The Sheer Renewal Cream is a very innovative product that is light in texture and that dries to a powder like finish. Its an oily skin’s dream moisturizer! And the Extreme Recovery Cream is intense hydration for normal to dry skin types. This moisturizer is in my PM skincare rotation along with the Face Oil No 9.